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The 1993 NBA Finals were so long ago that I'd forgotten how it felt.… - Frisco Del Rosario

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August 29th, 2007

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06:31 am
The 1993 NBA Finals were so long ago that I'd forgotten how it felt. The Phoenix Suns lost four games by a total of 15 points, and had built up so much momentum that if John Paxson hadn't hit The Shot at the end of Game Six, they surely -- I've been saying 'surely' for 14 years, but 'surely' diminishes in 14 years -- would've won Game Seven at home.

I have a feeling that the New York Liberty's conference semifinal loss to the Detroit Shock was more of a heartbreaker. The Libkids came back from the dead just to make the playoffs, lost Game Two in the final minute, didn't suffer an emotional letdown, and missed a free throw at the end of overtime in Game Three.

In a few days, the Liberty went from "lucky just to get here" to "every non-Shock fan in the world on their bandwagon". In the harsh light of the morning, the feeling might have changed already from "nearly everyone loves you, Libkids!" to "unreal expectations for 2008". I'd hope that New York fans would go a little lighter on the kids and their coach, and just continue to love them for a while until starting to demand "well? what now!?".

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