Frisco Del Rosario (frdelrosario) wrote,
Frisco Del Rosario

Word problem

Felix was set to win $70 in his office NCAA pool if the Badgers beat the Devils. To insure a $35 profit, Felix placed a $35 bet on the Devils to win. Then Felix's friend Sal said: "I know how it pains you to wager on the Devils, so I will give you $100 if the Devils win."

Q: How did Felix insure his profit under the changed circumstance?

A in Rot-13: Sryvk cynprq n $15 org ba gur Onqtref.

Vs Onqtref jva, $70 cbby + $15 fvqr jntre = $85
Vs Qrivyf jva, $100 tvsg - $15 fvqr jntre = $85

$100 + $70 = $170
$170 / 2 = $85                 #nirentr bs gur gjb tnvaf
$85 == $100 - $15 == $70 + $15 #nqq be fhogenpg na rdhny nzbhag gb znxr gur nirentr

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