Frisco Del Rosario (frdelrosario) wrote,
Frisco Del Rosario

Hello world. What are you doing here?

I thought this would happen someday.

LiveJournal used to be a blogging platform that worked well, at a time when the others were still ironing. Eventually, WordPress grew into a powerful and flexible content management system — more than a blog platform. And LiveJournal got worse and worse through changes in ownership and terms of service, and they completely blew it in terms of allowable content. For instance, no JavaScript chess content allowed on LiveJournal, so for sharing chess content, I'm using WordPress or's blogging feature.

For things that fit on Twitter, Twitter. For things don't fit on Twitter, Facebook. Lets face it: Facebook won. If there's something on my mind, it's probably going to reach the most readers if I put it on Facebook.

But is on the business cards, and someone eventually is going to look for my writings here first, but here lies stale crap. You could suggest I spend $5 on new business cards, but I don't like the idea of new business cards for the same reason I don't like having 12 email addresses. I'm not so important that people will look for me for a long time if they didn't find me quickly.

Like I said, I knew this would happen someday, the "I'm not here, no matter what it said on the business card I handed you". I just wrote something blog-sized, but when LiveJournal's crappy login system screwed with me again, it felt like a last straw. Now I wonder how often I have to blow off cobwebs in this location to prevent LJ from deleting my presence.

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